Pressing for progress on gender equality


Can you imagine that it will take 217 years to achieve gender equality in the world? 217 years...

This is what the World Economic Forum forecasts, and data shows that the gender gap is widening every day.

At Sodexo, we can do better. We can improve Quality of Life for everyone, faster, because empowering women empowers us all.
As one International Women's Day a year isn't enough, the purpose of this year is to press for progress, this is why:


We're making every day International Women's Day

This means all of us – men and women – will commit to empowering, working for gender balance and promoting quality of life for everyone, every single day.

It means we can hit our target of 100% gender balance across management by 2025

To read more about the gender balance in the Nordic region, click here

Listen to Azita Shariati, President Sodexo Nordics, talk about Sodexo’s commitment to equality.



Gender balance in the nordics


Read more about the gender balance in the Nordic region